We created Les Choses Simples after moving to Provence in 2016. For Olivia, it was a return to her roots, having spent her childhood in the Luberon region.

Living in the South of France inspired us to create beauty and home care products that were a reflection of what Provence really is: understated, natural, charming and a little bit magical...

Les Choses Simples stands for:

  • Truly natural products: all our products are natural and made without toxic ingredients. They therefore contain no sulphates, phthalates, mineral oils, sodium lauryl sulphate, silicones, parabens or chemical preservatives.
  • All production is carried out locally in Provence, on a small scale and using traditional recipes.
  • Our containers and packaging are eco-responsible (mainly glass and paper).

Les Choses Simples offers a sensory journey to Provence. Each number represents a scent, born of childhood memories and evoking stories about Provence:

  • No. 1 "Les Grandes Vacances": inspired by the amber oriental fragrances of the elegant ladies of the 1920s.
  • N° 2 "Matin de Printemps": the scent of a carefully starched and ironed white shirt.
  • N°3 "Jardin d'Agrumes": a stroll through a citrus garden on the Mediterranean coast.
  • N° 4 "Fleurs d'Oranger": orange blossom biscuits from the local bakery.
  • N° 6 "Rêverie du Soir": a meditative journey that begins in lavender fields and ends somewhere in the Orient.
  • N° 7 "Albert en Voyage": inspired by the eaux de toilette used by elegant men at the turn of the last century. 
We invite you to discover the scents Les Choses Simples.

Olivia & Thomas.