We created Les Choses Simples after we moved to Provence in 2016. For Olivia, it was coming back to her roots, as she spent her childhood in the Luberon area.

The southern French way of life inspired us to start creating Beauty Care and Home Care products that were just like Provence really is: sober, natural, charming and a little magic.

For this purpose, Les Choses Simples stands for:

  • Truly natural products: all our products are made out of non-toxic natural ingredients. They therefore do NOT include: sulphates, phtalates, sodium lauryl sulfate, mineral oils, silicons, parabens, conservants.
  • All the production is made locally in Provence, in small batches, and according to old recipes.
  • Sustainable packaging (mostly glass and cardboard).

Our products are meant to be an olfactory journey to Provence. Each number in the collection stands for a special fragrance, that was born out of childhood memories and tells beautiful stories about antique Provence traditions: 

  • Nr. 1 "Les Grandes Vacances": inspired by the oriental amber scents of the elegant ladies of the 1920's.
  • Nr. 2 "Matin de Printemps": the scent of a throughly starched and ironed white shirt.
  • Nr. 3 "Jardin d'Agrumes": a stroll in a citrus garden along the coast of the Mediterranean.
  • Nr. 4 "Fleurs d'Oranger": the orange blossom biscuits from the local bakery.
  • Nr. 6 "Rêverie du Soir": a meditative travel starting in the lavender fields and ending somewhere in the Orient. 
  • Nr. 7 "Albert en Voyage": inspired by the cologne waters of elegant men at the turn of the previous century. 
We invite you to join us on these emotional travels by discovering the scents and the products of Les Choses Simples.
Olivia & Thomas.