About our scents

Nr 1 – Les Grandes Vacances

Evokes long summer holidays spent by the sea, somewhere between Hyères and Saint-Tropez. The rich, powdery scent of amber, with a touch of vanilla and lemon.

Nr 2 – Matin de Printemps

Smells like clean, fresh, sun-dried linen. Its fresh, light and elegant fragrance, with a touch of lavender and musk, will bring you harmony and well-being.

Nr 3 – Jardin d’Agrumes

The delicious scent of grapefruit, with a hint of lemon. An energising scent that puts you in a good mood.

Nr 4 – Fleurs d’oranger

Introducing the delicious scent of orange blossom. Distilled orange blossom water is traditionally used in Provence all over the home, from baking biscuits to perfuming the body and the house. A scent that harmonises, calms and comforts.

Nr 6 – Rêverie du Soir

A unique scent of black amber and lavender, tonka bean, vanilla and sage. For a soft, relaxing scent that invites you to dream and relax.

Nr 10 – Cèdre

Develops a magnificent woody, slightly peppery scent, reminiscent of the great cedars that grow on our hills, here in the Luberon.

Nr 11 – Lavande Douce

Lavender is a magical plant that is emblematic of Provence. Gentle and purifying, you'll love its relaxing properties.

Nr 12 – Figuier

Green, slightly woody scent of the fig tree, the symbol of the Mediterranean and its gardens.

Nr 13 – Savon de Marseille

Bring all the softness and finesse of Marseille soap into your home. A fresh, clean scent.