Refill, Reuse, Recycle

Recharge, Réutilise, Recycle

At Les Choses Simples, we're big believers in the "Refill, Reuse, Recycle" approach to waste prevention.

Allowing you to refill your Les Choses Simples bottles gives you the opportunity to reduce waste by refilling your empty bottles instead of buying new ones. Moreover, you can save money, because refills allow you to buy the same product by the liter, at very advantageous prices.
Already available on our e-shop and very popular: the refill for Room Spray and Diffuser. The 250 ml refill bottle allows you to fill your room spray bottle 5 times...

And now we offer the refill service in 5 liter cans for:
- the 5 liter can of Hand & Body Soap in all scents.
- the 5 liter can of Natural Dishwashing Liquid with Pink Grapefruit.
- the can of 5 liters of Natural Household Spray with Pink Grapefruit.
With a can you fill 10 times your empty 500 ml bottle and 20 times your 250 ml bottle!



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